Top Colour 2018 Kitchen Trends

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Top Colour 2018 Kitchen Trends
    1. Bold & Bright Colour Schemes
      Nothing quite shows love like having splashes of colour in your kitchen against a few neutral tones. With it already being halfway through the traditional winter season, think of bright colours for Spring & Summer – whites, creams, pastel shades of greens and blues with contrasting bolder colours from a royal palette to offset your kitchen in a way that compliments the eye and you can still accessorize with ease!
    2. Delicate Pastels
      Pinks, yellows, blues and greens – think airy fairy. Oh yes, may not be so manly but definitely easy to furnish! Pastels and whites = the most neutral combination but one that always works. Similar to a bold and bright colour scheme, it’s super easy to pair up with other deeper contrasting colours and find those cute accessories from GBBO to match! Pair up with grey and wood finishes to see real calming results perfect for all year round.
    3. Hues of Blue
      The biggest statement of them all – blue. Why? Because it’s so bold, so dramatic but also very versatile! Easy to pair with almost any colour – orange, yellow, green and red for those who like a bit of spruce in their life, or tone it down with other shades of blues and teals or more neutral tones of white, creams, beige and grey for the sleeker finish. Always a winner against all kinds of finishes – we recommend wood, marble tops or chrome legs to complete the look!
    4. Warm Neutrals & Gold Accents
      Quite simply, a timeless classic. But with gold being on trend for quite some time now and Summer not seeming far away, create the life of the party within your kitchen by neutralising it all out with wooden textures and cupboards, gold accents and pick out 2-3 colours to act as the offsets – think summer nights of oranges, yellows, hot pinks and reds!

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