Quick Home Revamps In A Weekend

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Weekend Home Revamps

So we’ve been reading around rounding up some of our best interior design tip ideas for this year on how we can inspire you to revamp the home without breaking the bank! Because hey, who loves to spend a lot of money on home revamps 24/7 right, and we all know how much love and appreciation we have for the finer details and cute quirks in a room – so without further ado, read on for our favourites!:

1) Left over wallpaper – put it to use!
All of those scraps and odd ends that didn’t quite line up the way they were meant to, put them all to use! Plain drawers and back board units to the Billy Bookcase – wallpaper them! Bring that hint of a feature block to your room by using over left over wallpaper cuttings and overlaying them to anything big and boxy to spruce up the whole unit and make it seem less ‘plain jane’!

2) Lick of paint & pillows
Colour schemes are easy to chop and change between, but if you’re working with neutrals or have a great steady hand at painting – create your own wall vinyls and pattern prints and find matching pillows in the same colour scheme or print to bring a sense of a whole revamp to your room – without having to change a single piece of bulky furniture!

3) Uplifting Desk Areas
Paint does wonders! Revamp the old chair or stool, add some greenery, create a vision board, buy some small furnishings and spruce up the old work station with some new accessories to bring a breath of fresh air!

4) Faux Fakes
We all know how much we love real flowers, the smell, the colours – but the mess can sometimes be a bit of a pain onto white tables and linen! So bring in the next best thing – faux flowers! Colours, heights and various arrangements – go crazy! Pick out accessories to compliment and keep trimming and tweaking until your happy!

5) Fresher Photo Frames
Sounds so simple, because it is so simple! Bring back out those tubs of paint and coat over those plain solid wood frames with some candy pop colours to brighten up toned down walls – especially if they’re placed against deeper shades of wood.

6) Feature Walls
Sounds common because it’s been all the rage for a while now, but what makes it different this time around? – Tiles! Tiles, raw earthy materials like concrete or even brick – anything to make that one wall in your room the absoulute hotspot (may help if you plug in your wi-fi router near there too).

7) Get Artsy
Hand paint – we all love it when something has a real personal touch to it right? (Maybe it’s just us), but hand-painting anything is so super simple and gives off the biggest homely vibe you can imagine! So begin with something small like a lampshade or the side table or even an old mirror!

8) Rhinestones
Add shimmer to anything, as well as texture. Brilliant on bedroom walls against patterened wallpaper but also great in statement prints too! Give it a try within your home or even around furnishings and accessories – they are always super easy to pick up – eBay if in doubt!

So there we have it – just a few simple things you can do with the loved ones or as a midnight restless sleep DIY job to bring a bit of life and soul back into your home this spring without having to break the bank! Let us know if you’ve tried any of the above – tag us in using @dehelvi_com or #discoverdehelvi!

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