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1) Aish Chair

Simple, elegant and available in black, red or ginger – Aish was designed to suit any style, any surrounding and any table. The contrasting materials combine and create a striking looking chair that will look great with a multitude of table styles. Our favourite pairing – the restaurant decor shown above!
Shop ‘Aish’ here.

Adeelo Stacking Chair

2)Adeelo Stacking Chair

Simple – stylish – sophisticed – stackable. Ok maybe we’re one ‘s’ short, but you get our hint. Perfect for the corporate events, the mass gatherings or congregrational parties and seminars (depending on how lively you’re feeling and what colour you choose of course), Adeelo is available to purchase in black, white and ginger.
Shop Adeelo here.

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3) Mayra Chair
Already had enough of so many wooden textures in one room? Introducing Mayra – with polished stainless steel chrome legs and a range of 3 bases to choose from being black, white or grey, Mayra was made for your living room. Contrasting the warm wooden effects, bring a sense of contemporary class into any space.
Shop Mayra here.

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4) Nash Chair
Available in black or white, Nash was designed to bring modern and contemporary styling with simplicity into one. With supporting arm and back rests, it makes Nash perfect to be within offices, home living rooms, kitchen dining tables or even withing cafes and restaurants!
Shop Nash here.

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5) Oman Chair
Retro yet modern enough to make it stylish to stay in the home without the feeling of dropping back into the 1970s! Available in blue or ginger to make the statement you need in small doses, Oman brings a hint of history into your home with the fresh takes of 2018 merged in.
Shop Oman here.

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