5 Hacks for Office Revamps

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Un-inspirational office decors never help when it comes to that dreaded Monday morning feeling. Dull walls, no sense of colour, 0 plants (because they make everything better) and no pretty views? We’ve compiled our top 5 favourite office revamp hacks so Monday can look and feel as inspirational as Friday and Wednesday, well… Might just stay feeling like a Wednesday.


#1 – Plants! Because we love nature

It’s been rumoured that having greenery in the office actually helps to improve concentration for when we all need the much appreciated screen break. And to be fair, we can actually vouch for that too. Bring the outdoors in and brighten up your workspace by introducing some leafy goodness!


#2 – Retro Office Seating

Bin the conventional black office chairs and bring in more colour! Swivels are still a thing don’t worry, but why does everything need to look morbid and uncomfortable? Chairs are the biggest thing of an office – so make comfort and style your 2 main priorities. Shop the range of office chairs here.


#3 – White Desks

We’re all a little OCD when it comes to desks so bringing in a white desk can bring in simplicity and minimalism to even the busiest and cluttered spaces. And at least this way, those desk foodie shots we all snap at lunchtime – look 10x better.


#4 – Gallery Walls

They’ve been a thing for so long but they’re still one of the best features for an office possible. But it’s an easy fix to implement in any office to brighten up the space – make it motivational and positive affirmations or simply just inspiring artworks and sceneries.


#5 – Brighten Up

Working late or super early morning with stacks of coffee? Desk lamps and natural light make a huge difference in the work space. Keep it light, keep it airy and keep your work space adequately lit to suit you – nobody likes straining their eyes to focus in low light!


Office redecoration doesn’t need to be as difficult as we think it is, and especially if you’re limited to how much you can change within your working environment, the above tips are small tweaks which can be made without too much fuss or breaking a pocket too! Rearranging furniture and small tweaks make a huge difference when it comes to 8 hours of productivity – so make your work space inspirational to suit you! Especially if you work from home (with a fridge nearby)…

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