How To Create Character In Your Kitchen

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Paint is a great way to bring a sense of homeliness to your kitchen, it allows you to be creative so you can design your own smooth, modern or even distressed, rustic looks.

The kitchen is that place were all five senses resides, it manifests itself in all your thoughts and feelings, as the kitchen is used in so many different ways. It is a place that is more than just a design- it’s an emotional environment in so many ways, don’t you think?

Most of your day is spent in the kitchen so having a good atmosphere is essential, the good news is that there is an easy way to create that welcoming vibe. Aim for a quality paint that will last – look for one that resists moisture, heat and grease, and which you can wipe clean without damaging the colour. Look out for Dulux and Crown washable paints, which are not only long-lasting but have many great reviews.

Don’t restrict yourself to just paint. Frames of artwork can be just as dramatic, from alluring pictures of food to stunning scenery or even fascinating artwork. This would also help you piece your kitchen together, allowing you to try different and unique styles.

Sticking with the whites and greys may feel safe but don’t be frightened to spruce it up with vibrant furniture- chairs, stools or even a small table. Multi-coloured walls individualise your kitchen, using one colour on your walls feels a little dated to me use different colours on your walls, or paint them in unique way. For example; you could paint three quarter of the wall in one colour and the last quarter in another (ensuring that they match of course).

Lighting that makes an impact is extremely important, especially if you are like me who is up to all hours baking and doing odd jobs in the kitchen. Depending on the style in your kitchen, grouping low hanging pendent lights around your seating area definitely has an impact in creating a mood for your kitchen.

Be different! Be unique! But ensure you maintain a sophisticated vibe.

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