How to Arrange Your Living Room Furniture This Season

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How to Arrange Your Living Room Furniture This Season

The unwritten rule of three
Still life styling still always has the unwritten rule of three, which for some of us isn’t as helpful if you don’t know about it! But its basis – work with uneven numbers! Avoid symmetry and coupling things together. Instead, look for balance and a more interesting and appealing composition. We all get intrigued by things that we feel looks right and balanced, but we can’t quite pinpoint why our eyes get drawn to it. So keep that basis in mind when working with accessories and layout schemes – tables against taller objects such as vases and your stash of interior design magazines.

Work with your room size
Don’t fight your room size – there are ways to make every room beautiful. And as much as we all dream about having mansion sized living rooms with interconnecting levels, it’s possible to style every room size one way or another! If you have a larger room – think oversized armchairs and big standout pieces with more delicate accessories and simple, complimentary features. Think statement – the room is large, give it a centre/focal point – your trophy piece for that room. Smaller rooms – the opposite of the above. Slightly smaller scales in terms of furniture but work to the illusion of having a large open room – sofas against the wall but not overdoing it with cramming in as much seating as possible. Look to stools, beanbags (if your room style and you yourself like them!). Simple can always be key, and never goes out of style.

Rugs are everything
Rugs, as underrated as they are and a pain to clean sometimes, it should be the anchor to your room. Avoid one being too small that it can only sit under your coffee table because it’s the only place that looks right. Go for the largest rug you can which accommodates the room and all door opening space. They should work to being at least halfway under sofas and 30cm either side of them – avoid having ‘half-on’ side tables – it’s either on the rug or it isn’t.

The art to hanging art
Artwork tells a story in itself, so before you go about buying the first piece you lay eyes on, first make sure it suits your story of your room and compliments it. Hanging it, well, use your furniture and all room architectural features as a guideline as to positioning. Art can be wonderful at creating illusions of secondary spaces when hung correctly, so look at your walls blank first, where your eye is first drawn to, and work from that basis. Take photos of your layout when you go shopping too – always a big help!

In need of more inspiration? Take a look through our website and furniture pages to find ways we mock up our cosy comforts within their natural habitats!

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