Quick & Easy Kitchen Updates for AW18

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Kitchens – stressful aren’t they? I mean, we all would love to redo the kitchen yearly without breaking the bank 24/7 wouldn’t we? So we’ve compiled together some super simple quick and easy kitchen mods you could do in a day! (Well, maybe closer to a weekend but you get the concept).

  1. Supersize the wall tiles – because who doesn’t love oversized things.
    And there’s a benefit to your timing too – since they’re bigger than traditional tiles, it means less time to spend fitting and fidgeting! Pick between plain or subtle textures and the arrange as you see fit – we personally recommend a herringbone formation.
  2. Want to be more vintage? – Add a peg rail
    Double up on storage by adding a peg rail into the mix. Hang the cutlery, those deep-into-the-neck-of-the-cupboards pots and pans and if you’re a frequent meal prepper – your tupperware into open storage racks and job done! Kitchen takes a modern yet chic twist on vintage and you can finally use the cupboards again.
  3. We like colour – especially ones that stand out.
    So invest in some brighter looking appliances. We’ve all seen the bright red and pink toasters and kettles – how about actually introducing them into your kitchen? With neutral colour schemes you have free range of a colour palette – pick up swatches and start marking out little changes you could make, or if you’re feeling bold and brave – go fridge & oven hunting!
  4. Classy essentials
    Bins do not need to be boring and plain metal. Go shopping for a new pretty pastel shaded bin or even a new style of one completely! Open storage options can take a revamp too with new jar lids and DIY decorating to cupboard doors. It could become the new weekend craft project and bring out the inner child in you again.
  5. Resemble your favourite coffee shop
    With a blackboard. Let’s face it, they’re fun for the fact they’re changeable on a daily basis, and also productive if you’re a household that requires the household shopping list before Friday 5pm! Grab some chalk (or chalk pens if you prefer to be more precise) and get creative with your typographic flair on a new blackboard.
  6. Feature walls
    Because we all look aimlessly around the kitchen while we wait for dinner – so create a focal point. Go all out with the clocks and vintage stop watches, just remember which one you use for cooking!
  7. Change the cupboard handles
    Sounds small and often it’s the most overlooked thing ever – but small and cutesy changes are what make a kitchen part of a home. Look for decorative styles whether it’s heavy embellishment and iron work or the complete opposite being intricate or dainty and colourful.
  8. Refresh the seating
    We often overestimate how much we sit on counter tops in a kitchen or at the island, so why not start with new seating? Look for different styles, colours and finishes that suit you and don’t forget to consider height – before you wind up with bruised knees! Shop our range of bar stools and seating here. 

They sound simple, and that’s because they are. Doing home revamps shouldn’t cost you a whole bank account, and if we’re trend following they should be simple changes that enable you to keep up with the times without forking out on brand new appliances and fitting 24/7.

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