5 Simple Rules for Designing a Small Space

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5 Simple Rules for Designing a Small Space

Don’t know how to make the most out of your small spaces? Try some of these tips and tricks to add some style to your rooms.


1) Have one showstopper piece

“In a small space, each design decision needs to be carefully considered. But a tiny pad also offers you the opportunity to make a statement, as colour, texture and pattern will all shine if the rest of the room is kept neutral and neat.”

In this apartment you can see the decision to use a mint green colour theme in the kitchen as being part of the showstopper piece. Your eye is immediately drawn to the kitchen and adds character to your living space.


2) Think bespoke

When you’re working with a small room every inch of space counts. It’s not always easy to find furniture that fits your room without taking up all the space. Here you can see how the wall cabinet has been made specifically for the space becoming a design feature in itself.


3) Make mirrors your friend

“Tricking the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it is with mirrors is a simple design tip that shouldn’t be underestimated.

You don’t have to cover a wall in one large piece of mirror to get the effect, either. Slivers can be just as effective, whether you fit them behind a kitchen worktop, as shown here, tuck them into an alcove, or run them up a vertical wall. “


4) Don’t be afraid of the dark

When it comes to paint, pale colours are often used to give the illusion of space. However using darker colours can also have its benefits, giving a cosier feel and look to your room.


5) Invest in luxury

“In a small space, it’s more likely you’ll be able to splash out on luxury materials, as you’ll need a much smaller quantity than for a larger room. It can sometimes have a bigger impact than the same material in a larger space, too.”


Those were some of the tips that we think are great in helping you design your small space. Let us know if you try any and be sure to tag us @dehelvi_com or using #discoversehelvi.


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