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AW18 never looked so good at Dehelvi this year as we’ve partnered up with Aisha, more popularly known as @Masteramas on Instagram as part of our lifestyle blogger campaign call! Bracing wind, rain, and just a whole lot of coldness in general came a little birth we like to call #DehelviXMasteramas.

Working with her chosen top picks from our Buoyant Basic Chair & Stool collection, we’ve never seen such a powerful combination of a females boss & stand-outish chairs! We thought it was the perfect collaboration where fashion meets interior, so working with Aisha was our first call! Where contemporary design and fashion worlds collide, scroll through to see what we got up to and keep an eye on all #dehelviXmasteramas features coming soon to our social media!

Be sure to check out Aisha on Instagram by following @masteramas and head over to her website for more of her takes on fashion, travels, styling & more!

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