2018 Interior Design Trends

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2018 Interior Design Trends

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Interior Trend #1 – Velvet
Still keep those winter warming statements about – Velvet hasn’t finished it’s course yet! Making its appearances in wallpapers, curtains, throws, cushions and other accessories, it’s hanging about until we finally achieve a form of British Summer – but be sure it’s out by then or keep it in smaller doses!

Interior Trend #2 – Brass
Is still going strong! Making its appearance in 2017, Brass is determined to keep making an impact and holding it’s way through 2018. Use it wisely and find it in the smaller flourishes like mirrors, chair finishings, lamp stands and metal frame pieces.

Interior Trend #3 – Moody Interiors
Contrasting colours be it bright or dark always work against the deepest colour wall in your home. By all means have a room for a bright white interior, but after a full day at the office in the brightest room possible, rest your eyes and create the atmosphere to fully zonk out on the sofa with deep, royal colours and lighter coloured accessories.

Interior Trend #4 – Greenery
Green – plants, trees, maybe the extent of whole bushes – the more the better. If you’re a Feng Shui lover – look into bringing in those Money Trees back into the lounge, show it some love as it brightens up any room in your home.

Interior Trend #5 – Tableware
Sounds weird right? But we all love seeing something different when it comes to dinner – so why not make those #instafoodie posts look even more appealing on some cute and quirky dinnerware dishes! The bolder and brighter, the better.

Interior Trend #6 – Ethnic Decor
Now we all love coming back with lamps from Morrocco and Egyptian artefacts, so why not incorporate this into your living room? Mixed textures and finishes of all shapes and sizes, pair it up with mirrors and lights or leave them to be a single statement on their own.

Interior Trend #7 – Texturise Your Walls
Forget the wallpapers, Dulux paint mixers and all the rest of it, be bold and brave and dare to find out what is actually underneath those layers of plaster and bring out the natural beauty of your home! We see it all the time – natural brick walls and concrete feature walls, bring the bare foundations back on show to create your own dramatic feature in your room.

It’s super simple but that’s what always ends up working best! Mix it up a little this year (it still is acceptable to use the whole ‘new year new me’ thing) and share your interior ideas with our hashtag #discoverdehelvi!

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